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Our History

Iron Workers Bank has a proud heritage as a mutual savings bank, established in Chester, Pennsylvania in 1879. The Bank was named after the local artisans who built ironclad ships in the local shipyard. The strength of the shipbuilding industry and accessibility of the Port of Chester to the eastern seaboard created an abundance of foundries and machine shops in the area. The Bank’s name is derived from the people it served in the early days, where principles of frugality, hard work and dedication were essential community values.

Today, Iron Workers Bank continues with this well established tradition of service to its customers and the communities it serves. In keeping with this tradition, Iron Workers Bank is proud to be a community bank specializing in retail and small business banking. We offer a wide range of products and services, competitive with large commercial banks with the goal of providing affordable banking.

Going Out of the Country?

Please contact your Branch if you will be visiting another country to enable your ATM/Debit card to have access to your account.

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