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Iron Workers Savings program offers you a wide variety of choices. Start saving today to insure your future and help achieve your financial goals.

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For more information, stop by one of our Iron Workers Bank locations, or contact an IWB Financial Specialist today.

Passbook Savings Account

The Iron Workers Passbook Savings Account is designed for savers who want a permanent record of their savings activity. A minimum of $10.00 will open this account, and interest earnings start with balances of $100 or more. The interest is compounded daily and is posted June and December of each year.

Statement Savings Account

Open a regular Statement Savings Account with $100 or more and earn interest that compounds daily. A monthly service charge applies to accounts that fall below required balances. This account may also be accessible through an ATM card and may be linked to your checking account for overdraft protection.

Christmas Club

Consider a Christmas Club savings account to plan for added expenses during the holidays. This is a great way to save a little each week; a little can go a long way with our Christmas Club savings program. Make weekly deposits in any amount and receive a check at the end of 50 weeks.


Going Out of the Country?

Please contact your Branch if you will be visiting another country to enable your ATM/Debit card to have access to your account.

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